There is only one..

I really like this song at the moment, it’s not the greatest recording in the world.. but it is beautiful never-the-less

say what you feel(not always recommended)

I often read blogs and find people, especially christians writing about their latest understanding of something. Whether a book review, the latest understanding of a doctrine.¬†Often what we read can be so true, but it can lack so much. I’m not against book reviews, but when what we read has no long term marking in our hearts, it is generally fruitless.

I have been told by different people from different parts of the world that I should blog. Something I would like to write about is the apostolic heart of Jesus. What is he feeling and thinking? Why did he come? What is he doing now?

There is an invitation to feel the depths of the emotions of Christ. We are invited in to experience His heart and stand with Him. He said in Jer 3:15 he would give shepherds according to his heart.

We are invited in to this place. I want something of real depth, and that is found in the emotions of God alone, but how can I write and claim to know something I have no knowledge of? He is looking for someone to share his heart with. Who will listen?

There is a place of friendship with God. Jesus promised to do nothing except he reveals it first to his servants, to the disciples he said, Now you are my friends, since I have told you everything the Father told me John 15:15.

There is a close friendship with God that we will only experience as we perpetually walk with him.